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Andrew Oh is a writer and director from Timonium, Maryland. He fell in love with film in high school, during which time he wrote his first feature-length screenplay. He moved to Dallas, Texas to attend Southern Methodist University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Arts. While enrolled, he wrote and directed multiple short films, and sound mixed the SMU feature film Elsewhere, TX. In addition, he has experience working on professional film and TV sets through Cinestate and AMS Pictures. He is currently in distribution for his film The Book of Job.

“I lost my mind about eight years ago and decided I wanted to make movies. The three offenders were There Will Be Blood, Letters from Iwo Jima, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. We were only at my great uncle’s beach house for a few days, but it was enough time to become captivated by these films and set myself on a career path that I have yet to abandon.

From there, things happened. I enrolled at Southern Methodist University because they had a film program; it was also the only college I was accepted to. I made some movies, made some friends. After I graduated, I directed my first feature-length film The Book of Job.”

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